The Connecticut Parentage Act updates outdated parentage law so that it is clear, equitable, and provides legal protection for all children and families.

Victory! On June 1, 2021, Gov. Ned Lamont held a signing ceremony to celebrate the passage of the Connecticut Parentage Act. Read more here.

The Connecticut Parentage Act (CPA) updates state law to clarify who can be a parent and how to establish parentage. These critical reforms recognize the diversity of families in Connecticut and ensure that all children can have their legal parentage established, regardless of the circumstances of their birth. Current state parentage law is out-of-date and unconstitutional.

GLAD joined Douglas NeJaime of Yale Law School, Connecticut families, and other community organizations to form the We Care Coalition. We Care has worked together to build support for the CPA and get the legislation passed in the 2021 session. To learn more about the efforts to build support and read stories of families impacted by the state’s parentage laws, visit the We Care website.

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Read the testimony from two leading organizations of We Care:

Read testimony from other contributors on the legislation webpage.