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We Care Coalition

Families and organizations in support of the Connecticut Parentage Act

VICTORY! Update: On June 1, Governor Lamont signed the Connecticut Parentage Act into law. Read more here.

Until now, many families in Connecticut didn’t have a way to secure their parent-child relationships, leaving them vulnerable. The Connecticut Parentage Act (HB 6321) updates state law to protect all children and families.

On April 26, the House passed the bill with overwhelming bipartisan support. Now we need your help making sure the Connecticut Parentage Act passes in the Senate.

Click here to take action and tell your Senator know why it’s so important to pass the bill this session!

Why the CPA matters: Families share their stories. Images of three families

“[After Ashley gives birth] there will have to be a period in which Adriana’s parentage is legally non-existent, and Ashley is particularly worried about what could happen if there are complications during labor and delivery. These fears are only compounded by the COVID-19 pandemic.”


“While [other parents] are decorating nurseries, we’re speaking with an attorney about how to ensure our child is protected in the event that something happens to me. It’s important for us to verify that Megan will be a legal parent in all ways, shapes and forms.”

“Despite being J.’s parent, Denise has no legal relationship with J. If something were to happen to Stephanie, J could be separated from Denise and from his little sister. The thought infuriates and terrifies Stephanie.”


If you have a story about how current gaps in the law have put your family at risk, or would like to learn more about efforts to update the law, please complete the form below and someone from the We Care Coalition will get in touch. Join other Connecticut families who have shared their experience!

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Want to learn more? Click here for the CPA fact sheet.


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