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Why do people contact GLAD Answers?

We can help with questions like:

  • How do I change the gender on my identification documents?
  • Can I keep my HIV status private?
  • Am I eligible for Social Security survivor benefits?

Know Your Rights

Look through our online resources for information about LGBTQ+ and HIV rights across New England and beyond.

Transgender ID Project

This program provides free resources and support for transgender people living in New England to change their legal name and gender marker on federal and state documents.

New England states include Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont.

GLAD Answers

Your LGBTQ+ and HIV Legal Rights Resource!

“When my middle school refused to stop the bullying I endured for three years, GLAD helped me get them to finally take action to protect LGBTQ+ students like me. GLAD Answers was a lifeline.” –Jason