Celebrating 5 years of Marriage Equality

In 2015, GLAD worked with a courageous team of attorneys and plaintiffs to win a landmark ruling at the Supreme Court. That decision confirmed that same-sex couples throughout the United States are guaranteed equal access to marriage and to all the rights, benefits and responsibilities associated with marriage. GLAD’s Civil Rights Project Director Mary L. Bonauto strategized and argued at court for over a decade to make this milestone possible.
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On the day GLAD’s Mary Bonauto argued the historic marriage equality case at the Supreme Court, she literally had to run to the courthouse, thanks to her errant cab driver:

When Mary Bonauto argued for – and won – national marriage equality at the Supreme Court five years ago, it was a victory based on years of organizing, advocacy, and public education:

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The Supreme Court ruling legalizing same-sex marriage in 2015 brought hope and a sentiment of equality for many couples, but the work did not end there:

LGBTQ Activists: Same-sex Marriage Ruling was ‘No Final Victory” | USA Today

Five years ago today Supreme Court affirmed marriage equality for same-sex couples nationwide with their ruling on Obergefell v. Hodges. Mary L. Bonauto – the attorney who argued that landmark case – answers the questions of how we’re doing now, and what lies ahead, in this special recorded conversation below: