PrEP—a simple, safe medication that reduces the risk of HIV by close to 100%—is the most effective tool we have to end the HIV epidemic.

An Act Enabling Pharmacists to Prescribe, Dispense and Administer PrEP (S.2480/H.2225) expands access to HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) by allowing pharmacists to provide a 60-day supply for those facing barriers to care. The bill also requires pharmacists to link customers who receive a limited supply of PrEP to primary care for ongoing medication and monitoring.

In Massachusetts, only about 1/3 of people at high risk of getting HIV currently have access to PrEP, and the racial disparities in access, particularly among Black and Latinx communities, are especially shocking. Nationally, just 13% of eligible Black people currently have access to this effective and potentially life-saving preventative.

By addressing disparities in access to critical HIV services and increasing access to the best tool available for preventing HIV transmission, S.2480/H.2225 significantly advances the Commonwealth’s goal of ending the HIV epidemic.

Sponsors: Senator Julian Cyr and Representative Jack Lewis

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