Expanding Access to PrEP to End the HIV Epidemic

PrEP is the most effective tool we have to prevent HIV transmission and bring an end to the HIV epidemic.

HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) is a simple, safe, and effective daily pill that reduces the risk of HIV transmission by close to 100%.

But despite the proven effectiveness of this game-changing medication, PrEP is significantly under-prescribed and can be inaccessible to many who need it. Stigma, discrimination, and systemic inequities resulting from homophobia, transphobia, and structural racism remain critical barriers.

We are committed to reducing stigma and barriers to healthcare, and ensuring PrEP access for all.

Current Advocacy

In Massachusetts, we are working to expand access to PrEP by advocating for An Act to address barriers to HIV prevention medication (S.619/H/.1085) and An Act Enabling Pharmacists to Prescribe, Dispense and Administer PrEP (S.2480/H.2225).

In Rhode Island, we are working to Expand Access to PrEP through H7625, a bill that prohibits insurers from imposing cost sharing (copays or meeting a deductible) or utilization review (also referred to as utilization management), such as prior authorization or step therapy, for any HIV prevention drug.

PrEP is underutilized and under-prescribed, particularly in communities of color. The CDC reported that only 13% of Black people and 24% of Latinx people eligible for PrEP received it compared to 94% of white people who were eligible for PrEP.1


Know Your Rights

Learn about your rights against HIV-related discrimination, testing and privacy, and more. Visit our Know Your Rights page.

You can also contact our free, confidential legal infoline, GLAD Answers. Visit GLADAnswers.org or call 800-455-GLAD.

We have the tools to end the epidemic. Still, stigma and discrimination persist, and systemic inequities in our society and health care system resulting from homophobia, transphobia, and structural racism remain significant barriers.

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