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Mads Ouellette

Mads Ouellette

Data Systems and Development Communications Coordinator

Mads joined GLAD in 2019, after graduating with a B.A. in Psychology and a minor in Queer Studies from Vassar College. Mads’s venture into development and non-profit work began at Vassar through student organizations including Challah for Hunger. Mads also served on the Title IX Student Advisory Committee, earning the Senior College Life Recognition for their work increasing resources for and communication with survivors of sexual assault; and founded a group to support trans and non-binary students, including establishing a Gender Affirming Clothing Exchange. Mads’s greatest personal achievement, however, was co-creating Vassar Burlesque, a performance troupe focused on body affirmation and sexual liberation through embodied performance. Outside of GLAD, you can find Mads making queer and feminist cross stitch projects, baking, napping, and contra dancing.