What’s on the horizon in the fight for LGBTQ+ equality?

This is a pivotal moment in the work for justice and the freedom for all of us to live with dignity and without discrimination. In anticipation of GLAD’s next chapter, staff and board members have been asking the question, “What’s on the horizon in the fight for LGBTQ+ equality?”

We would love for you to share your thoughts with us on that question too in the form below!

With over 45 years of advocacy under GLAD’s belt, we derive strength from past victories, and hope for the future from our community and how we show up for each other.

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From our staff and board:

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“LGBTQ+ rights are fundamentally a challenge to deeply entrenched attitudes about gender and gender nonconformity. Even after the stunning achievement of a right to marry nationwide a decade ago, it was clear we still had work to do to reach a deep embrace of LGBTQ+ existence in our society. As the spread of disinformation and anti-LGBTQ+ political attacks accelerate, we must double down on working toward understanding and acceptance of our full humanity and full expression.”

–Bennett Klein, Senior Director of Litigation and HIV Law

“It’s important to make sure LGBTQ+ folks understand what’s happening across the country. It can be difficult to follow where new anti-LGBTQ+ bills are moving and where we are in the complex legal framework to fight back. Through education, we can quell people’s fears so everyone, whether or not they have a law degree or political knowledge, feels empowered to act by voting, contacting their legislators, and understanding their rights.”

Braedyn Dorn, Public Affairs & Education Assistant

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“To uphold our country’s foundational principles of freedom and equality, we must champion the voices and rights of transgender folks with unwavering determination. This means ensuring every individual has access to necessary medical care and legal protections nationwide and fostering understanding so that every person can live authentically and safely. It demands collective action to create a future where dignity and fulfillment are accessible to all.”

–Dallas Ducar, Board

“Centering trans and BIPOC voices and perspectives is necessary as we push back against the mounting wave of attacks on trans and BIPOC humanity. This will mean ensuring trans and BIPOC community members have seats at the table where decisions are made, especially ones that disproportionately affect them and their safety. And it means white and cisgender folks meaningfully shifting power to others who have historically been less represented in decision-making positions.”

–Jordan Caress-Wheelwright, Assistant Director of Planned and Individual Giving

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“A large proportion of Gen Z identifies as LGBTQ+. I believe this shift has significant potential to change the landscape of LGBTQ+ activism. The more openly LGBTQ+ people we have in society, the more opportunities exist for empathy and learning. As this younger generation lives openly and authentically, views can change thanks to those personal connections.”

–Michelle Peng, Individual Giving and Special Events Coordinator 

“LGBTQ+ people, especially BIPOC LGBTQ+ individuals, are overrepresented at every stage of our criminal justice system, from juvenile justice to parole, and are more likely to live in poverty than their straight and cisgender counterparts. I hope, in the near future, we can build community alternatives to jails and prisons and uplift the substantial number of LGBTQ+ individuals in poverty through an expanded social safety net. I dream of a future where all members of the LGTBQ+ community have comprehensive social, economic, and political rights!”

Mel Eskender, Legal Assistant

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