UPDATE: The Fertility Access Connecticut (FACT) campaign is disappointed that legislation to make coverage of fertility care more equitable in Connecticut did not move forward this session. In October of 2023, the American Society for Reproductive Medicine updated its definition of infertility to explicitly include LGBTQ+ and unpartnered people, eliminating any doubt that Connecticut’s current private insurance mandate is out of date with professional standards of care.  While the Comptroller’s step last fall to expand coverage to LGBTQ+ people covered by the state employee health plan was an important advance, Connecticut remains far from meeting the needs of all residents who need and deserve access to fertility health care to preserve their fertility and to build much wanted families, including LGBTQ+ people and single people and those who receive coverage through HUSKY health. FACT is grateful to the legislative champions who have been working to advance these measures, and we look forward to continuing to partner with them next session to ensure everyone has access to fertility health care if and when they need it.

What is FACT?

Fertility Access CT (FACT) is a campaign to improve access to fertility care so all Connecticut residents have access to the medical care they need to build their families. The campaign is comprised of organizations and individuals who support legislation that will ensure equity in access to family building and reproductive health care.

What does Promoting Equity in Fertility Care Legislation do?

The FACT campaign supports legislation that will update Connecticut law to do two key things:

1. Ensure the State’s Fertility Care Insurance Mandate Covers LGBTQ+ People

Under Connecticut’s current law, private insurance companies are only required to cover fertility treatments for people who have been diagnosed “infertile.” Infertility is defined in reference to heterosexual intercourse, so LGBTQ+ and single people who need to access fertility care are often excluded.

The new law would make Connecticut’s law inclusive of all families by requiring insurance coverage for LGBTQ+ and single individuals who need medical care to build their families, as well as people who are diagnosed infertile.

2. Provide that the State’s Medicaid Program (HUSKY) Covers Fertility Care

Connecticut’s current law requiring coverage for fertility care only applies to private insurance plans. The new law would ensure coverage includes HUSKY.

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Campaign Supporters

Logos for GLAD, Planned Parenthood of Southern New England, Resolve New England, Yale Law School, Center for Reproductive Rights, Equality Connecticut, and National Health Law Program.

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