Update: On February 24, 2022, the New Hampshire legislature voted this bill inexpedient to legislate, halting progress on the bill this session. GLAD’s lawsuit continues, and our work to fight censorship in classrooms and beyond.

GLAD and advocacy partners filed a lawsuit against a New Hampshire classroom censorship law, contained within state budget bill HB2, which discourages public school teachers from teaching and talking about race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, and gender identity in the classroom.

Senate Bill 304, An Act Relative to Discrimination in Public Workplaces and Education, would repeal the censorship law. You can help prevent further harm to students and educators by asking members of the Senate Judiciary Committee to support this bill.

SB 304 would ensure that teachers are not punished for teaching vital concepts in the classroom and that students have the opportunity to develop critical thinking skills, engage productively in an increasingly diverse state, and country, and appreciate human differences.

Read Staff Attorney Chris Erchull’s testimony in support of SB 304

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