Update: On April 1, 2024, Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed the Michigan Family Protection Act into law!

Michigan’s parentage laws are stuck in the Dark Ages, leaving too many children vulnerable without a secure tie to their parents. Michiganders need a clear pathway to secure parent-child relationships for those who rely on fertility treatment to have children.

The Michigan Family Protection Act (HB 5207-5215/SB 0728) will:

  • Provide clear parentage laws to create stability for all children
  • Recognize surrogate contracts, which are currently banned in Michigan
  • Allow fair and transparent compensation for surrogates
  • Offer legal safeguards and administrative guidelines for children and parents, and surrogates

Especially as the Alabama Supreme Court ruling signals a new level of threat to parents’ rights, states like Michigan need to take action now to protect access to family-building, now matter how children are born.