On May 10, 2023, Vermont Governor Phil Scott signed SB 37, along with HB 89, protecting access to essential healthcare for transgender people. The new laws come as at least 18 states have moved to ban established healthcare for transgender adolescents or adults. Together HB 89 and SB 37 create the most comprehensive protections to date for both providers and seekers of transgender healthcare, as well as reproductive care.

Update April 4, 2023: S.37 was heard in the Committee for Health Care. Director of Family Advocacy Polly Crozier shared testimony supporting this legislation at the hearing.

In light of recent attacks on bodily autonomy, reproductive rights, and access to essential healthcare for transgender people, lawmakers in Vermont seek to protect the rights and safety of people who would experience barriers to receiving the medical care they need.

Senate Bill 37, An act relating to access to legally protected health care activity and regulation of health care providers, would ensure in Vermont that:

  • people and their providers, not the government, are the ones making decisions about healthcare and well-being
  • there remains robust access to reproductive and transgender health care in Vermont, including economically and geographically
  • patients, their families, and their providers are protected as much as possible from unfounded efforts to criminalize vital evidence-based health care so that they can continue to thrive in their lives and livelihoods