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Extending Shelter Access for Young People in Maine



While youth across all backgrounds can experience homelessness, LGBTQ youth and youth of color (particularly Native American and Black youth) are more likely to become homeless. By updating Maine’s definition of certain children’s shelters, LD 81 and LD 1076 will allow our most vulnerable young people to lengthen their stay at shelters. This means young people experiencing homelessness will have more time to get the support they need with a safe place to eat and sleep.

On April 8, 2021, GLAD Civil Rights Project Director Mary Bonauto delivered testimony about the bills to the Joint Standing Committee on Health and Human Services. Read her testimony in support of An Act To Ensure the Safety of Children Experiencing Homelessness by Extending Shelter Placement Periods (LD 81) and An Act To Support the Operations of Youth Shelters in Maine (LD 1076).

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