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AIDS Law Project

Responding to the HIV epidemic from the earliest days when our friends and loved ones were dying to today’s dramatic treatment advances, the AIDS Law Project fights stigma and discrimination; works towards science-based public health policies; and ensures that people living with HIV experience the highest possible quality of life.

The AIDS Law Project is currently working with the Treat Lipodystrophy Coalition in Massachusetts to pass a bill requiring insurance coverage for treatment of what can be a debilitating and devastating side effect of some HIV medications.


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February 26, 2015

GLAD Testifies in Opposition to Proposed HIV Criminalization Legislation in Rhode Island

GLAD AIDS Law Project Director and Senior Staff Attorney Ben Klein testified before the Rhode Island House Judiciary Committee February 24 in … Read More →

November 11, 2014

GLAD Appoints Janson Wu, GLAD Deputy Director and Senior Staff Attorney, as New Executive Director

Janson Wu, deputy director and senior staff attorney for Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders (GLAD), has been appointed the organization’s new … Read More →

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March 23, 2015

When Pink and Blue Are Not Enough: An Experience at the True Colors Conference

We were welcomed to the campus with rainbow flags, a giant rock painted to say “The sky can be pink and blue, so why can’t you” and tons and tons of … Read More →

January 1, 2015

My New Year’s Commitment: A More Just World

In 2015, we at GLAD are committed to do better by our community with your help and support.

Project Director

Photo of Bennett Klein

Bennett Klein

Ben Klein is a Senior Attorney and has been the AIDS Law Project Director at Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders (GLAD) since 1994. Ben has litigated cases in state and federal trial and appellate courts establishing legal protections for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people and people living with HIV.

Ben was lead counsel in Bragdon v. Abbott, a 1998 U.S. Supreme Court decision that established protection against discrimination under the Americans with Disabilities Act for all people with HIV. In Massachusetts, Ben won a decision … Read More →

Related Cases

Settled • 2012

AIDS Services for the Monadnock Region v. Gilsum

Update June, 2012: GLAD has reached a successful settlement on behalf of AIDS Services for the Monadnock Region (ASMR) that will enable ASMR to … Read More →

Settled • 2010

Dixit v. Harvard Pilgrim Health Care

GLAD negotiated a successful settlement on behalf of our client after Harvard Pilgrim Health Care refused to cover treatment for the severe … Read More →

Victory • 2009

AIDS Services for the Monadnock Region v. Town of Gilsum

Victory! GLAD Announced a settlement in this case on September 1, 2009. The settlement will enable ASMR to operate its group home for people with HIV … Read More →

Victory • 2008

Shaw v. Murphy

On February 19, 2008, the Massachusetts Court of Appeals ruled in favor of Ashley Shaw, who has sought to get MassHealth to cover her medically … Read More →

Loss • 2003

Commonwealth v. Smith

In 2000, GLAD filed a brief in a Middlesex Superior Court criminal action on behalf of a person with HIV who had been charged by Middlesex District … Read More →

Victory • 2002

Commonwealth v. Landry

In a major victory for public health programs that stem the tide of HIV and hepatitis C, the Supreme Judicial Court ruled on December 6, 2002 that … Read More →

Loss • 2002

Waddell v. Valley Forge Dental Associates

GLAD filed a friend of the court brief urging the U.S. Supreme Court to decide the case of an HIV-positive dental hygienist who was fired after his … Read More →

Victory • 2002

Doe v. Roe Physicians

GLAD settled a case against a doctor who refused to provide in-office care to a patient with HIV, after the New Hampshire Commission for Human Rights … Read More →

Loss • 2001

Lesley v. Hee Man Chie

In a disappointing decision, the United States Court of Appeals in Boston upheld a US District Court’s ruling that a Leominster, MA obstetrician did … Read More →

Victory • 2001

Dahill v. Boston Police Department

In this case, in May 2001, the Mass. Supreme Judicial Court ruled that Massachusetts law prohibits discrimination in employment, housing and public … Read More →

Victory • 2001

Doe v. Managed Care Organization

In the first legal ruling of its kind in the country, GLAD prevailed in an action to cover the cost of a life-saving liver transplant for a Medicaid … Read More →

Victory • 2001

Doe v. MetLife Disability Insurance and Raytheon

GLAD, with co-counsel Stephen Rosenfeld and Mala Rafik, won the restoration of disability insurance benefits when an insurer wrongfully terminated … Read More →

Victory • 2001

Jane Doe v. Roe Moving Company

GLAD won a favorable settlement in a case filed at the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination (MCAD) against a central Massachusetts moving … Read More →

Victory • 2000

Commonwealth v. Ortiz

A single justice of the Supreme Judicial Court issued an opinion strongly affirming the absolute privacy of a person’s HIV status under Massachusetts … Read More →

Victory • 2000

Doe v. Board of Registration of Cosmetology

GLAD obtained clarification from the Board of Registration of Cosmetology that an individual completing a cosmetology program does not fail the … Read More →

Victory • 2000

Doe and Doe v. Department of Social Services

GLAD negotiated an agreement with the Department of Social Services that it was an error for the Department to allow only HIV-positive children to be … Read More →

Victory • 2000

Doe v. Nashua Housing Authority

GLAD won a change in the practice of the Nashua Housing Authority, which had been illegally demanding private medical information about individuals … Read More →

Victory • 1999

Lambert v. MetLife Insurance Company

GLAD won the restoration of disability insurance benefits for a Portland man suffering from disabling fatigue where the insurer sought to rely on … Read More →

Victory • 1999

Doe v. Maine Correctional Center

GLAD succeeded in obtaining proper medical care and medications for an HIV-positive prisoner denied even access to a doctor knowledgeable about HIV.

Victory • 1999

Doe v. Roe Hospital

GLAD successfully resolved a lawsuit against a hospital that violated the HIV testing and confidentiality statute by revealing a patient’s HIV status … Read More →

Victory • 1998

Bragdon v. Abbott

In its first case addressing HIV, the United States Supreme Court ruled 5-4 in Bragdon v. Abbott that the federal Americans with Disabilities Act … Read More →

Victory • 1996

Gavann v. Douglas Wooldridge, M.D.

GLAD obtained a $10,000 judgment in Suffolk Superior Court against a surgeon who illegally tested a patient for HIV without his knowledge or consent.