I’m asking you—if you are eligible and able—please vote tomorrow, November 6. And please vote Yes on Question 3.

MASSACHUSETTS: Get Out the Vote for YES ON 3 & Uphold Transgender Protections, SATURDAY 11/3 | SUNDAY 11/4 | MONDAY 11/5 | TUESDAY 11/6

Get Out The Vote

Voting is how we show our collective strength: as LGBTQ people and allies; as people who care about fairness and justice. It is as crucial to securing equality, safety, and dignity as does the litigation and advocacy work you help GLAD do every day.

In Massachusetts, it is critical that we turn out every vote for YES on 3, to uphold our basic nondiscrimination protections for transgender people in public places.

This is the first time in our country that voters statewide are being asked to affirm fairness and dignity for themselves or their transgender friends and neighbors by popular vote.

Winning this vote will ensure transgender people in MA can continue living their daily lives without fear of discrimination and harassment. It will also be a powerful affirmation of our values—fairness, equal dignity, and respect for one another—that will resound nationwide.

Make your plan to vote Yes on 3 now. And then find out how you can help ensure other Yes on 3 voters cast their ballot.

GLAD will always fight to ensure transgender people everywhere can live free from discrimination – with every tool we have.

But right now you have the most potent tool to ensure these protections are upheld in Massachusetts: your vote.

Opponents of Question 3 may spread lies to stir up unfounded fears, but as the incredible momentum of our Yes On 3 campaign has shown, those who believe in fairness and dignity for all in Massachusetts outnumber those that don’t.

Now, more than ever, we need every one of us who believes in those values to make our voices heard on election day. Please vote Yes on 3 tomorrow, and make sure everyone you know does too.

If you’ve already voted, thank you!  Now, encourage your friends to vote Yes on 3.