President Biden has already followed through on his strong commitment to fairness, equity and civil rights by quickly undoing some of the worst harms perpetrated by the Trump administration.

Alongside plans to address our national health, economic, and climate crises, Biden’s earliest actions have included reversing the Muslim travel ban, supporting DREAMers, and issuing orders focused on advancing racial justice. He also signed a powerful executive order prohibiting LGBTQ federal workplace discrimination and directing federal agencies to take steps to ensure federal laws that prohibit sex discrimination apply in equal force to LGBTQ people.

Now, President Biden has reversed one of the Trump administration’s earliest attacks against the LGBTQ community by lifting the ban on transgender military service.

I am tremendously proud and relieved to see this day arrive. And I am incredibly grateful to our plaintiffs, partners, supporters, and everyone who has worked against this insidious ban for the past three and a half years.

It has been an honor to work alongside so many talented servicemembers and aspiring recruits in this fight. Their demonstrated commitment to service and their willingness to share their stories have not only corrected a damaging policy, but have advanced respect for the dignity, humanity, and contributions of transgender people in the military and beyond.

Our fight to end this ban has always been about fairness, equal opportunity, and service. President Biden’s order today honors those shared values and ensures that transgender servicemembers and aspiring recruits can again be assessed not on who they are, but on their ability to do the job.

Your support made this historic moment possible. With your continued support we will undo all of the profound harms done to our community and our country over the past four years and advance our collective dream of equality and justice for all.

Celebrate this victory and continue the fight for equal justice with a gift today.


CLICK HERE TO WATCH: GLAD’s Jennifer Levi, NCLR’s Shannon Minter, and plaintiffs Nicolas Talbott and Blaire McIntyre discuss the impacts of President Biden’s lifting of the ban and how it marks a turning point for transgender rights.