Statement of GLAD Senior Staff Attorney Patience Crozier:

Governor Abbott’s out-of-control, unprecedented attack on Texas children and families is abhorrent. Threatening parents for supporting their children and ensuring that they receive best-practice medical care amounts to state-sanctioned violence. It is an attack on the fundamental rights of parents to make decisions in the best interests of their own children.

Despite having no basis in law, the Governor’s overreaching political attack is already causing pain and injury. We are sending love and support to all transgender children and their families in Texas and beyond.

To all transgender, non-binary, and gender expansive children– you are beautiful and your supportive parents and medical providers are backed by science, law, and an army of advocates.

The Governor’s threat to use state power to separate families is also a reminder of the violence that the so-called child welfare system inflicts on children and families every day by over-policing Black and Brown families. We hope this is a wake-up call for increased accountability and oversight of systems that stoke fear rather than provide support for vulnerable children and families.

Texas families: you have allies and advocates who are fighting for you. Reach out to Equality Texas, TENT, NCLR, and Lambda Legal.

All of us can continue to speak out in support of transgender youth and against anti-transgender attacks no matter where they arise. Find out what is happening in your state, send support to transgender youth, families, and advocates throughout the U.S., and take action.