We have a real chance to make sure Rhode Island law provides equal legal protection to all families – but we need you to contact your Representative today.

GLAD has been working with our partners at Rhode Islanders for Parentage Equality and LGBTQ ActionRI to update Rhode Island parentage law so that it is clear, equitable, and provides legal protection for all families, including LGBTQ families.

Right now, RI family law – which is over 40 years old – has substantial holes that leave children vulnerable. Children born into LGBTQ families lack equal access to the protections of legal parentage. And non-birth parents have to go through an expensive, intrusive process to be fully secured as parents to their kids.

For the first time in our three-year legislative effort, we are very close to the finish line. We can’t give up, and we need your help to pass H 7541.

Please call or email your state Representative today to let them know passing the Rhode Island Uniform Parentage Act (H 7541) is a priority to you.

We need you to call today even if you have reached out in the past – and even if you know your Representative already supports the bill.

We need a collective push that creates urgency on this issue at the statehouse.

We need everyone in the House to know that people care about protecting children and establishing parentage fairly and equally, especially in a dangerous pandemic.

Contact your Representative today and ask them to let the Speaker know they want the Parentage Act (H 7541) passed this session!

Your help will ensure equality in parentage law for all Rhode Islander families.


Sample email to your Representative:

Dear Rep. [Name],

I am writing to urge you to support passage of the Rhode Island Uniform Parentage Act (RIUPA), H 7541, this session.

This is the year to get this done. Rhode Island children can’t wait, especially given a pandemic that puts the lives of many people in jeopardy.

Families are formed in many diverse ways in our state, and all children need and deserve the security of a legal tie to their parents. We need a parentage act that follows best practice, includes input from the experts who have a deep understanding of parentage law, and is in line with models from other states and the 2017 Uniform Parentage Act.

I am grateful to see the commitment from so many in the House, including leadership, to pass the RIUPA. At the Committee hearing parents and experts shared their compelling testimony about the urgent need to update our 40-year-old parentage law this session. I hope you will take a moment to watch that testimony, which is available on the Capitol TV and Uprise RI websites, if you haven’t already. I also encourage you to read the February 28 cover story in the Providence Journal: It’s time to rewrite R.I.’s parentage law, advocates say and the Mothers’ Day OpEd from Dr. Elana Hyasaka: My Turn: Elana Hayasaka: Legal security for all families in a crisis.

Our laws should serve and protect all children. And we are so close to the finish line. Passing a clear, consistent and constitutional RIUPA this session that is in line with other states and the 2017 UPA will remove obstacles that hurt kids, will make Rhode Island law fair for LGBTQ families, and will create clarity and consistency for everyone concerned with the wellbeing of children.

Thank you for your consideration,
[Your Name]
[Your Address]

To learn more about the Rhode Island Uniform Parentage Act, click here.