The New Hampshire legislature passed several bills singling out LGBTQ+ people, especially targeting transgender adolescents. These bills are now on their way to the Governor’s desk. This is your chance to stop them from becoming law.

Contact Governor Sununu today and tell him to veto these bills.

  • HB 1205 bans transgender girls from playing on girls’ sports teams from ten years old until they graduate high school, and could require any girl to undergo an invasive physical examination in order to play.
  • HB 1312 is a confusing and unnecessary bill that equates any material relating to gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression to objectionable material, requiring educators to provide two weeks’ notice before such material is used in the classroom.
  • HB 1660, constricts access to vital health care for transgender youth, limits parents’ choices for how to care for their child, and alarmingly bans doctors from even providing a referral for care in circumstances where they know it to be necessary and helpful for their patient.

Remind Governor Sununu that he did New Hampshire proud by supporting comprehensive nondiscrimination protections for transgender people in 2018. His obligation is to uphold New Hampshire values and protect all Granite Staters, including LGB and transgender youth.

Use our action form to urge the Governor to veto HB 1205, HB 1312, and HB 1660 as soon as they land on his desk.

Let’s remind Governor Sununu that these harmful, controlling bills are not what the people of New Hampshire want. Singling people out is wrong and unfair – “Live Free” means all of us, including LGBTQ+ youth.

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