The Connecticut Parentage Act will ensure all children have equal access to the security of a legal relationship to their parents. On April 26, the House passed the bill with overwhelming bipartisan support. Now, we need your help to make sure the Senate does the same.

Contact your Senator and tell them to pass the Connecticut Parentage Act!

You can use the template below to craft your email. To make sure your message has as much impact as possible, include a sentence or two in the first paragraph about why you, personally, support the bill.

Find and Contact Your Senator

Dear [Senator]:

I write in strong support of Proposed Bill 6321, An Act Concerning the Adoption and Implementation of the Connecticut Parentage Act, which was passed by the House with overwhelming bipartisan support (141-1) on April 26.

I am writing to ask that you support the bill in the Senate this session to ensure all families are protected by state law.

Updating our parentage law is important to me because [share who you are and why the Parentage Act is important to you. Feel free to mention if you are a parent, if you know anyone this bill would affect, or why you care about equal treatment for all families. If you live, work or are connected to the legislator’s district in another way, please mention your connection.]

The Connecticut Parentage Act ensures all children have equal access to the security of a legal parent-child relationship, regardless of the circumstances of their birth, or the marital status, gender, or sexual orientation of their parents.  

Connecticut has been a leader in protecting families and children, including children raised by same-sex couples. But as it stands now, Connecticut parentage law is outdated and unconstitutional. It leaves many children without the protection of a legal relationship with their parents. The legal parent-child relationship, which is the root of so many rights and responsibilities, is core to a child’s stability and well-being. Outdated parentage laws mean that Connecticut’s children are vulnerable.  

Among other deficits, the state currently does not protect same-sex or unmarried couples raising children and leaves the relationship between a non-biological parent and child vulnerable. Connecticut also lacks protections for families formed through assisted reproduction. Connecticut is the only New England state without protections for unmarried non-biological parents and their children.

The Connecticut Parentage Act ensures that parentage law reflects and protects all families in Connecticut. Thank you for your consideration, and I hope you and the full Senate will join your colleagues in the House to pass Proposed Bill 6321, the Connecticut Parentage Act.

Thank you,

[Your name]

[Address if you live or work in the Senator’s district]

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