Statement of GLAD Executive Director Janson Wu on President Trump’s proposed RAISE Act

Yesterday, the Trump administration touted proposed legislation (the RAISE Act) that would apply a “merit-based” system to sharply reduce the number of legal immigrants entering the U.S. GLAD Executive Director Janson Wu issued the following statement in response to the proposed bill: “The Administration’s proposal is an affront to American ideals of liberty, opportunity and equality. It is political pandering to the worst impulses of xenophobia and fear. Immigration is a bedrock principle of our country, and we are made stronger by it. GLAD remains in solidarity with all immigrants and refugees – LGBTQ or not – and will continue to fight for justice for all of us.” The RAISE Act (Reforming American Immigration for a Strong Economy) which would introduce a merit-based system in which immigrants applying for entry would accrue points based on factors including English language skills, would favor one profile out of the diverse pool of applicants for immigration to the U.S. The proposed act would also severely limit the number of refugees entering the country.