Following today’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on the Equality Act, GLAD Executive Director Janson Wu issued the following statement:

“Today’s powerful hearing added momentum for passing the Equality Act and highlighted the urgency of enacting the critical protections the bill will provide. The members of the Senate Judiciary Committee and the public heard poignant stories from transgender high school sophomore Stella Keating about how the Equality Act will mean greater opportunity for her and other young people, and from Edith Guffey, an African American faith leader and mother about how the bill will increase safety and opportunity for her transgender child. The more we hear these stories of individuals from every state and every community who continue to face discrimination without secure legal protections, the clearer it becomes how important it is to pass legislation that the vast majority of Americans (over 70%) support and that will make such an important difference in people’s everyday lives.”

Learn more about the Equality Act and tell your Senator to vote in support of the bill.