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Sung Hee Lee

Sung Hee Lee

Events and Fundraising Intern

Sung Hee (she/they) joined GLAD Fall of 2023 as a new Events and Fundraising Intern. They are currently in their last semester attending Suffolk University majoring in Public Relations and minoring in Arts administration. On top of that they are a Student Office Assistant for their university’s Global Culture and History department and a part-time Sales Specialist for a sustainable clothing brand. Sung Hee has been working in Customer Service for more than 6 years and through that, they gained exceptional communication and interpersonal skills. 

Throughout their time at Suffolk University, Sung Hee has been a student leader in multiple student organizations since their sophomore year including their university’s Sexuality And Gender Equity club. They have also volunteered through their university’s Community and Engagement department in Madrid, Spain, and Christophers Haven in Boston.  Outside of GLAD and school, Sung Hee is a singer/songwriter and an occasional Drag performer. They enjoy thrifting, going out for karaoke, lots of napping, binging their favorite television shows/movies, tipping their drag Queens/Kings, and dancing like there is no tomorrow.