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Richard Burns

Richard Burns

Interim Executive Director

Richard is the Interim Executive Director of GLAD. He was president of GLAD’s founding board from 1978-1986 and he has maintained his commitment to the organization for 45 years. In the late 1970s, Richard was managing editor of Gay Community News (GCN), which both chronicled and shaped intersectional queer activism at the time. In 1982, he co-founded the Massachusetts LGBTQ+ Bar Association and the Boston Lesbian & Gay Policy Alliance. Richard served more than twenty years as Executive Director of the New York City Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center beginning at the height of the AIDS crisis, and later developed and led the LGBT Leadership Initiative previously housed at the Arcus Foundation. In recent years, he has effectively steered several social and racial justice-focused organizations through transition periods as an interim ED, including the Drug Policy Alliance, the North Star Fund, the Funding Exchange, Funders for LGBTQ Issues, the Stonewall Community Foundation, Lambda Legal, and, most recently the Johnson Family Foundation.