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Olay Ajayi

Olay Ajayi

Public Affairs Intern

Olay Ajayi will be joining GLAD this summer as a Public Affairs and Education Intern. Her interests come largely from her lived experience with having multiple intersecting marginalized identities, but also from her academic and professional experiences. She is a rising senior at Cornell University, and much of her work has been focused on engaging with legal and social advocacy to inspire change particularly for underserved groups. Whether it be through independent research and policy proposals, or civically engaged projects, Olay has found ways to engage with a host of diverse groups.

Outside of her professional and academic interests, she takes part in several recreational activities such as event organizing, visual art, and martial arts. She also has a profound interest in cats and cooking. She looks forward to having a great experience with GLAD and engaging more with advocacy in the LGBTQIA+ community.