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Pride season is here. And despite the challenges we’re facing, there is a lot to be proud of and celebrate! In the midst of a global pandemic, we are refusing to accept attacks on transgender young people’s right to participate in school sports and access safe, affirming care. LGBTQ families in Massachusetts are advocating to be recognized by state law through parentage reform. And supporters of equality across the country are pushing for the Equality Act to protect all LGBTQ people under federal law.

This Pride Month, we invite you to share short videos expressing why you are proud to support transgender youth, LGBTQ families, and the Equality Act. Let’s make sure every member of our community feels celebrated, supported, and loved.

Participants will be entered into a raffle to win a special Pride gift from GLAD!

person with rainbow glasses and rainbow top, short black hair and surrounded by gold sparklesHere’s what to do:

    1. Record a short video (60 seconds max) sharing why you proudly support trans youth, LGBTQ families, and/or the Equality Act. Feel free to use any of our sample scripts below or say whatever feels right to you!
    2. Upload the video to social media and tag GLAD on Twitter (@GLADLaw), Facebook (@GLADfans), and/or Instagram (@GLADLaw). Check out the sample social media posts for each script topic!
    3. Fill out the form below with your contact information and the link(s) to your video to be entered into a raffle! 20 winners will be selected at random to receive a GLAD Pride bundle, featuring GLAD-themed goodies.

Note: Raffle entries are limited to one per person, regardless of how many videos you post. If there are multiple people featured in a video, each can be entered separately into the raffle. More on eligibility at the bottom of this page.

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And check out our sample video!

Solidarity with trans youth

I’m proud to support trans youth because…
I’m proud of my trans child because…
I’m proud to be trans because…

Sample video script:

Pride was originally a protest, and this year we are protesting the deluge of bills that are aimed at transgender youth. To all trans and gender-expansive young people, you are not alone. I’m proud to support trans youth because we all deserve to be ourselves, participate in all areas of life, and be supported by our families and communities.

Sample video script:

This Pride, I am celebrating being part of the powerful, resilient, and beautiful transgender community, and I’m proud to support trans youth. To all the young people who are trans or gender-expansive targeted by cruel legislative attacks across the country, I want you to know that you are not alone and you are loved.

Sample social media post:

I am proud to support transgender youth because we all deserve to be our true, authentic selves and participate fully in all areas of life. Join me and [tag GLAD: @GLADLaw (Twitter/Instagram) or @GLADfans (Facebook)] in working to #ProtectTransKids this Pride season! #Pride2021


illustration of two people with rainbow hair, one with glassesLGBTQ families

I’m proud to support LGBTQ families because…
I’m proud of my LGBTQ family because…

Sample video script:

Pride is a time when we can celebrate how far the LGBTQ community has come. But we also have so much work to do. Though we have federal marriage equality, we don’t have universal parentage equality. In many states, the law leaves children vulnerable by failing to recognize many parent-child relationships. I’m proud to support LGBTQ families and updating laws to ensure all families are respected and protected.

Sample social media post:

I am proud [to support LGBTQ families/of my LGBTQ family], and I’m proud to speak out for all children to have the security of legal parentage! Love makes families, and we need our laws to protect them. [tag GLAD: @GLADLaw (Twitter/Instagram) or @GLADfans (Facebook)] #Pride2021

Massachusetts and Connecticut residents:

Give a shout-out to critical legislation! If you live in Massachusetts, make sure to mention your support for the Massachusetts Parentage Act. If you live in Connecticut, celebrate the recent Parentage Act victory in your state!


person with nonbinary pride earrings and rainbow top. star shaped eyeglasses and surrounded with purple sparklesEquality Act

I’m proud to support the Equality Act because…

Sample video script: If you live in a state with LGBTQ protections

I live in [state], a state with protections for LGBTQ people, but I am urging my Senators to support the Equality Act because my [friends, family members, loved ones] live in [state without protections]. I am proud to support the Equality Act because all Americans should have freedom and opportunity, regardless of their zip code.

Sample video script: If you live in a state without LGBTQ protections

I am proud to support the Equality Act because LGBTQ people deserve to be protected in every area of life. All Americans should have freedom and opportunity, regardless of their zip code, and that’s why I am contacting my Senator to support the bill.

Sample social media post:

I am proud to support the #EqualityAct because the ability to be treated with dignity and respect should never depend on who you are, who you love, or what zip code you call home. [tag GLAD: @GLADLaw (Twitter/Instagram) or @GLADfans (Facebook)] #Pride2021


Share your pride! 

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  1. This contest is open to any individual or group who is at least 14 years old at the time of submission. Entrants are not required to identify as LGBTQ+.
  2. Entrants must be the rightful owners of their submission and consent to its publication online and on social media by GLAD for public education purposes. All persons appearing in the video must know and understand that GLAD may re-post the video online or show the video at GLAD events, including both virtual and physical.
  3. The submission of a video constitutes the submitter’s permission to use the video (and the name, voice, and likeness of the submitter and all persons appearing in the video) in and in connection with GLAD’s public education efforts, including, without limitation, advertising and promotion, in all media, and, further, constitutes the submitter’s representation that all necessary consents and permissions therefore have been obtained.
  4. Each submission must be solely the original work of the entrant.
  5. Each entrant represents that their submission does not infringe on any third party’s copyrighted material, trademark, or other intellectual property rights.
  6. By submitting their video each entrant agrees to hold GLAD harmless from and against any claim, expense, or liability arising from or related to submission or exploitation of the entry, participation in this contest, featuring on the GLAD website and perhaps in other media, and/or acceptance or use of any prize.


Thank you for sharing your pride. If you have any questions, contact Qwin Mbabazi at qmbabazi@glad.org.