GLAD Answers volunteer Chloe Enderton with GLAD Public Information Manager J.D. Melendez and former GLAD Answers Assistant Henry Thomas.

GLAD Answers volunteer Chloe Enderton with J.D. Melendez, GLAD Public Information Manager, and Henry Thomas, former GLAD Answers Assistant.

People react differently to being confronted with flagrant injustice. For many, it brings out the best of us and spurs us to fight. For Chloe Enderton, an Army officer and parent, who had already committed to fighting for the United States, Trump’s transgender military ban going into effect this spring inspired her to look for a way to also help fight for equality for her transgender and LGB community. “When I saw the great work GLAD and [Transgender Rights Project Director] Jennifer Levi were doing to fight the trans military ban I knew immediately GLAD was the place for me,” Chloe says. So she took our attorney- and staff-led training and now answers calls for our free legal hotline, GLAD Answers.

Why did you want to become a GLAD answers volunteer?

It allows me to give back to our community and help people in their moments of need. It also serves as a sense of community for me and is somewhere I look forward to spending time with like-minded people a few hours each week.

What do you like best about volunteering?

I love the spirit of community that exists in the GLAD Answers room. Everyone there comes from different backgrounds, and is there for their own reasons, however we share one common goal. I love getting to know all the other amazing volunteers and staff members at GLAD while working together to make the the callers’ day just a little bit better.

What are some of the most pressing issues you see facing our LGBTQ community?

I think that at long as we have leaders and representatives at the national and state level who continue to pass anti-LGBT legislation and make homophobic or transphobic comments publicly, that we will live in a society where there are people who believe it is ok to treat members of the LGBT community like second class citizens. We’ve come a long way since the uprising that took place at the Stonewall Inn 50 years ago, but we certainly still have a long way to go. I think specifically trans equality is still very much lacking in this country, and it is something I would love to work towards changing.

What would you tell people who are facing difficult situations about what they can do to address them?

Just take it one day at a time and focus on making strides towards improving your situation. Remember that you’re loved and that you’re worth helping. There are tons of great resources out there to help people, so don’t be afraid to reach out and ask for help when you need it.

What gives you hope about the future?

Our youth. I have two amazing daughters whose hearts are filled with nothing but love for the world. I also think that love and acceptance are contagious and although there are hateful people trying to take away civil liberties, ultimately kindness will prevail.

What are your interests besides volunteering?

I enjoy cycling (on and off road), hiking, traveling, all Buffalo sports teams, and just spending time with my family.

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