Your Rights in Rhode Island

In an early victory for LGBT youth, GLAD in 1980 fought for and won the right of gay Cumberland high school student Aaron Fricke to take a male date to his senior prom.

LGBT Issues

Anti-Discrimination Law

Rhode Island's anti-discrimination law prohibits discrimination based on sexual orientation, HIV status and gender identity or expression. More →

Family Law

Same-sex couples can marry in Rhode Island. Single gay people can adopt in Rhode Island; in most cases, same-sex couples can jointly become the legal parents of a child. More →

Hate Crimes, Sex Laws and Police

Sexual orientation and gender identity are protected characteristics under Rhode Island’s hate crimes laws. More →

Students' Rights

Rhode Island law says that students, teachers and staff have the right to attend or work at a safe school. More →


HIV Anti-Discrimination Law

Rhode Island laws protect people with HIV against discrimination in employment, public accommodations and housing. More →

HIV Testing and Privacy

Although there are some exceptions, Rhode Island law requires informed consent for HIV testing (although it can be oral), but requires written consent for the release of HIV-related medical information. More →

Other HIV-Related Laws

Under Rhode Island law, a pharmacy may sell hypodermic needles and syringes. Possession of a hypodermic needle is no longer illegal in Rhode Island. More →

GLAD’s Work in Rhode Island

From the Docket


In re Parentage of Minor Child

In an important ruling that creates an alternative path to parentage for couples who use assisted… More →

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Legislative Advocacy

June 18, 2015

Adding a Non-Discrimination Clause to the Rhode Island Children’s Bill of Rights

Update: Victory! The Rhode Island House passed the bill June 24 and the governor has signed it into… More →

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June 10, 2016

GLAD Praises RI Dept. of Ed Guidelines on Supporting Transgender Students

Rhode Island’s Department of Education (RIDE) has issued guidelines to schools to protect the state’s transgender students.

“The guidance is… More →

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