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Rhode Island Public Policy Advocates

Rhode Island Public Policy Advocates logoRhode Island Public Policy Advocates is a group of organizations from across the state coming together to build and strengthen connections, collaborate, and discuss LGBTQ+ advocacy priorities.

At each convening, members gain:

  • New and strengthened relationships with RI advocates
  • A greater understanding of issues impacting LGBTQ+ people in RI
  • Opportunities for collaboration and partnerships

Rhode Island Public Policy Advocates member organizations:

To learn more or to sign your organization up to join the Rhode Island Public Policy Advocates, please contact GLAD’s Community Engagement Manager Qwin Mbabazi at

Recent RI Legislative Achievements:

  • Change in treatment of certain discharges (RI Gen. Stat. § 30-18-3)
  • RI Uniform Parentage Act (SB 0789, HB 6707)
  • Fair Housing Practices Act (SB 563, HB 6125)
  • Gender Inclusive Restroom Act (HB 5741, SB 755)
  • An act relating to labor and labor relations – Fair Employment Practices (HB 5261, SB 0270)

Pending RI Bills:

  • Physical Sex Characteristics Surgery Act (SB 593)
  • An act relating to education – Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights (HB 5354)
  • An act relating to state affairs and government – Housing Resources – Homeless Shelters (HB 5804)