Today, Governor Lincoln Chafee signed into law a bill to allow same-sex couples to marry in Rhode Island. The Ocean State is now the nation’s 10th marriage equality state and the final New England state to approve marriage for same-sex couples. The bill signing brings to a close Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders’ “6 x 12 Campaign” to make New England a marriage equality zone.

The new marriage law takes effect August 1, 2013. GLAD has published the Rhode Island Marriage Guide a resource for couples considering marriage. The comprehensive guide details important information like how to obtain a marriage license, what will happen to Rhode Island civil unions, what to do if you already have a marriage, civil union or domestic partnership from another state; the protections that couples gain when they’re married in Rhode Island, and more.

“It was thrilling to see Governor Chafee sign the marriage bill into law and affirm the equality of same-sex couples in Rhode Island who want to publicly declare their love and commitment by joining in marriage,” said Janson Wu, a staff attorney at GLAD. “Thousands of Rhode Islanders have waited and worked hard for many years to ensure that all families would have the respect and recognition that only marriage provides, and today is the culmination of their steadfast commitment to equality. This is a joyous milestone for the Ocean State and for our nation. GLAD salutes all of our coalition partners at Rhode Islanders United for Marriage, who worked so skillfully to bring us to this historic point.”

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