The Respect for Marriage Coalition, of which GLAD is a member, has launched an unprecedented national advertising campaign today featuring prominent bipartisan leaders – including President Obama, Former Vice President Dick Cheney, Former First Lady Laura Bush, and Former Secretary of Defense Colin Powell – speaking out in support of marriage for gay and lesbian Americans.

The national television, print, and online advertising campaign shares “#Time4Marriage” branding, which is intended to let the public know how to become a part of the discussion online and join the bipartisan majority of Americans who support marriage for all committed couples.

This is the first time in history that LGBT advocacy organizations across America have come together to fund a national ad buy. Against the backdrop of President Obama’s historic comments about marriage rights in his inaugural address, freedom to marry legislation pending in a number of states, and two landmark marriage cases before the U.S. Supreme Court, the Coalition is working to grow support for marriage rights for same-sex couples across the nation.

The national television ad featuring past and present Administration officials’ statements in support of the freedom to marry is titled “Leadership,” and it will begin airing today on cable, and during  networks’ Sunday shows over the coming weeks.

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