Pride this year comes at a time of grief, outrage, and widespread action to make change and confront racial injustice. It comes at a time of multiple attacks on the rights of transgender people. So many people of all ages are coming together to build community and solidarity, and young people continue to lead some of the most remarkable change.

To honor the leadership of young people in our community, GLAD is launching PrideImpact, a youth video contest!

Youth throughout New England are invited to make a short video about how the movement for LGBTQ justice has impacted their life, or the life of their family, friends, and community. We especially encourage submissions addressing the intersection of LGBTQ justice and racial justice, and how we can all better create space and support for everyone in the LGBTQ community.

We have prizes! All winners will be invited to participate in a virtual group hangout with a GLAD attorney to for an inside look into GLAD’s work and the LGBTQ movement. Winners will also receive a GLAD t-shirt and tote signed by our staff.

Our top winners will also have their videos featured in GLAD’s nationally-streamed 2020 Summer Party event in July and a $200 gift card!

Want to participate? Post the video on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram (or all of them!), tag GLAD, and use the hashtag #PrideImpact. Then click the “Enter the Contest” link to send us your information.

Hyperlink to submission form

(If you encounter any problems with the form, make sure you’re only logged into one Google account.)


The fine print…


  1. Students wishing to enter should read these rules to make sure they are eligible and understand the submission guidelines and requirements.
  2. Entrants should fill out all required parts of the online submission form.
  3. Entrants must have a personal social media account on a platform used by GLAD. GLAD can be found on social media on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.
  4. Entrants must submit their video by (1) using the online form and (2) posting the video on at least one qualifying social media account with the hashtag #PrideImpact. Both steps must be completed on or before July 10, 2020 to participate in this contest.
  5. Please keep a copy of the file for your video submission in case we encounter any technical issues with your initial submission.
  6. GLAD is unable to provide students with any tools they may need to produce their video, such as a camera or video editing software.
  7. GLAD reserves the right to make minor edits and/or alterations to any submission, but will not materially change a video’s content without permission of the entrant.


  1. This contest is open to any individual youth or group of youth who are at least 14 years old at the time of submission. Entrants are not required to identify as LGBTQ+.
  2. Entrants must be the rightful owners of their submission and consent to its publication online and on social media by GLAD for public education purposes. All persons appearing in the video must know and understand that GLAD may post the video online or show the video at GLAD events, including both virtual and physical.
  3. The submission of a videotape constitutes the submitter’s permission to use the videotape (and the name, voice and likeness of the submitter and all persons appearing in the videotape) in and in connection with GLAD’s public education efforts, including, without limitation, advertising and promotion, in all media, and, further, constitutes the submitter’s representation that all necessary consents and permissions therefore have been obtained.
  4. Each submission must be solely the original work of the entrant.
  5. Each entrant represents that their submission does not infringe on any third party’s copyrighted material, trademark or other intellectual property rights.
  6. By submitting their videotape each entrant agrees to hold GLAD harmless from and against any claim, expense or liability arising from or related to submission or exploitation of the entry, participation in this contest, featuring on the GLAD website and perhaps in other media, and/or acceptance or use of any prize.
  7. Each entrant agrees that their participation and submission shall be governed by and construed under and in accordance with the laws of the State of Massachusetts applicable to contracts entered into and wholly performed therein.
  8. No purchase or donation necessary to participate.

Submission Requirements and Judging Criteria/Process

  1. Submitted videos should be approximately 60 seconds long (but not much more).
  2. Submissions must discuss some way that GLAD’s work has impacted you, your family, and/or your friends. This can be understood broadly and not only to include cases where GLAD has directly represented the affected individual(s). For example, you might talk about legislation GLAD has supported or opposed and why this mattered to you or someone you know. The goal is to share your stories with the public to highlight the importance of our advocacy for LGBTQ+ people and people living with HIV—any story that contributes to this goal will be accepted.
  3. Please take care to obtain permission if your video is about the story of another person.
  4. Once the submission period closes, GLAD staff will conduct an initial review of all submissions. These videos will be judged under these rules to determine the winning videos/entrants.
  5. There will be two categories of winners, based on (1) social media engagement as well as (2) GLAD staff favorites.
  6. To determine the first category, videos will be ranked according to their total engagement (views, likes, shares, etc.) on GLAD’s social media. Winners will be chosen by order of rank, with no more than 5 winning videos chosen through this process.
  7. To determine the second category, GLAD staff members will produce a collective ranking of these videos to identify their favorite submissions. Winners will be chosen by order of rank, with no more than 5 winning videos chosen through this process.
  8. Winning entrants will be notified of their winning status and all prizes via email no later than July 17, 2020. Winners will also be announced publicly via one or more of GLAD’s social media, the GLAD website, and GLAD’s periodic electronic newsletter(s).
  9. All contest matters—including but not limited to entrant eligibility; submission acceptance and rejection; the total number and identity of contest winners; and prizes awarded—are the final decisions of GLAD and cannot be appealed.
  10. While GLAD staff and members of their families are invited to submit videos, any videos submitted for them will not be eligible for prizes.

Good luck, and thank you for joining us!