This Pride season, join GLAD to celebrate LGBTQ lives and march against oppression, injustice and inequality.

Rise up: Being LGBTQ is Beautiful

Resist: Oppression, Division, and Hate

Repeat: Until We Have Freedom, Equality, and Justice #forall

As we commit to resisting the normalization of hate and prejudice, we stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the most vulnerable among us – indigenous people, trans people, immigrants, Muslims, and people of color – who are continuously targeted because of their identity.

The fight for justice never ends. So long as bigotry, oppression and discrimination persist, GLAD will be here to Rise up, to Resist, and to Repeat.

We only become stronger by participating and engaging as a community. Rain or shine, we will rise up to celebrate LGBTQ visibility and advances against discrimination and toward justice across New England.

All beliefs, genders, sexualities, races, religions, abilities, ethnicities, creeds, HIV and immigration statuses are welcome!