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We Are Here: A Message to Our Trans Community Members

  • This news is scary and it’s maddening. But keep in mind that what we are hearing about is a report of a memo that is being considered by some in the Trump administration. No formal law or policy change has happened. Read GLAD Transgender Rights Project Director Jennifer Levi’s statement on this latest news.
  • You have the same rights you had on Friday, and should continue living your life according to that.
  • If you do encounter different treatment or discrimination, contact GLAD Answers and let us know.
  • In some states (but not enough), including all of the New England states, we have strong, clear protections for transgender people in state law, and those laws will continue to protect the rights of transgender people.
  • GLAD and other organizations will never stop fighting for our community. If the administration does move to interpret federal law in a way that is discriminatory, we will challenge that in court.  We’ll also keep fighting for strong federal protections and for strong protections in every state.
  • This administration has callously attacked many marginalized groups, including transgender people.  This is awful and it is hard. But we do have power, and there are things we can all do right now:
    • Support the #YesOn3 campaign to uphold transgender nondiscrimination protections in Massachusetts. If you live in Massachusetts, you can volunteer, donate, and most importantly, vote Yes on Question 3. If you don’t live in Massachusetts, make sure everyone you know who does plans to vote Yes on November 6.  This is our best opportunity to send the message across the country that we support fairness and equality for everyone.
    • Wherever you are, vote for candidates and issues that support fairness and equality.  Get involved in get out the vote efforts and other volunteer opportunities.
  • The most important thing we can all do right now is to take care of ourselves and to care for each other. Remember that as hard as this news is to hear and read, we are also seeing an outpouring of support for transgender people and our community. Here are some good resources to check out if you or anyone you know is looking for more support: