The Massachusetts Parentage Act (MPA) updates current law so that it is constitutional, and it protects all children, regardless of the circumstances of their birth. Among other important protections, the MPA (H.1713/S.947) provides clarity on how to establish parentage for children born through assisted reproduction, surrogacy, and to same-gender parents who aren’t married. As the law stands now, all families are not treated equally, with some having to wait six months or longer to establish their parent-child relationship. That is too long to wait and leaves children and families vulnerable.

Massachusetts families can’t wait any longer for equal access to family protections. Love makes families, and we need our laws to protect them. Learn more about why we need to pass the Massachusetts Parentage Act this session from real families.

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Massachusetts families can’t keep waiting for the law to change – learn about their stories here:

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J. Shia with Son

J Shia’s Story (video above)

When J was 19, her girlfriend at the time got pregnant. Their relationship moved from romantic to friendship, but the two remained close and J offered to help with the baby. J was at the hospital when he was born and helped name him. She loved “A” from day one…

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Shannon's children

Shannon’s Story

Shannon and her kids have ridden the waves of the pandemic like many families have. Manny, who’s 15, has matured a lot and taken on more responsibility. Ten-year-old Gabriel, who loves Legos and has an amazingly extensive vocabulary, goes up and down with remote learning. When 21-year-old Lala moved out, each boy got his own room…

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MPAC Family SilhouetteKaren’s Story

Karen went through an agonizing legal battle to ensure her parental relationship to her children– all because Massachusetts law did not explicitly ensure her parentage…

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Simone with son Daniel

Simone’s Story

Simone is a determined advocate for her beloved five-year-old son, Daniel. He was born prematurely out of state to Simone and her then-partner Cara. The couple married shortly after Cara gave birth, then the family moved back to Massachusetts, Simone’s home state…

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MPAC Family SilhouetteJ.S.’ Story

2020 was a stressful but also memorable year for me. I was working home at a breakneck pace…

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Sylvia and Jane with Baby RSylvia, Jane, and Baby R’s Story

As soon as their baby was born, Sylvia and Jane made plans to connect with other LGBTQ families so that R would see her family reflected in other families and feel comfortable and proud. It’s typical of the forethought and care that the couple puts into everything about their lives – especially in matters concerning their family…

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