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On behalf of all of us at GLAD, thank you so much for being a part of our work.

As we look forward to 2020, there is no doubt that we are in harrowing times and we will face more challenges in the year ahead. But thanks to you, not only do I see those challenges, but I also see possibilities.

Thanks to your support, GLAD will continue fighting against attacks to take our rights away, that we have fought so hard for on behalf of LGBTQ people and people living with HIV. With your support, we will also keep building towards a vision of a better future for all of us.

We are fighting for a future where all of us can live, love, and thrive, free from violence and discrimination. Where all children and parents have the legal rights and security they need, regardless of how those families are formed. Where LGBTQ youth are supported in their homes, schools, and communities. Where everyone has access to health care they need, free from stigma and discrimination. And where we fight to protect and support one another, no matter who you are, where you’re from, or who and how you love.

When we protect the most vulnerable among us, our whole movement is stronger. This future will not come easy, but I know that we will get there because when we fight strong and we fight together – we win.