I’m asking you – if you are eligible and able – please vote tomorrow, November 6.

Voting is how we show our collective strength: as LGBTQ people and allies; as people who care about fairness and justice. It is as crucial to securing equality, safety, and dignity as does the litigation and advocacy work you help GLAD do every day.

So many of our communities have been under attack for the last two years.

GLAD will continue to fight discriminatory policies, whether at the federal or state level, with every tool we have.

But you also have a potent tool with which to fight these injustices: your vote.

Vote with check mark in O

Voting influences whether those in power listen to our concerns or ignore us completely. It is about whether hostile, divisive agendas are allowed to gain and maintain traction in our public policy and discourse.

Voting determines who gets appointed to our judiciary, which can have profound consequences for LGBTQ rights, access to healthcare, justice for victims of over-policing, and even who gets to vote.

Voting determines who sets the policy agenda and who gets the bully pulpit, both of which affect states and the national conversation. Every day we see and hear how much that matters

If you care about LGBTQ rights, women’s rights, the rights of immigrants, reproductive freedom, and racial justice; if you’re disturbed about the rise in xenophobia, and white supremacist hate and violence; if you worry about gun violence affecting your kids; or if you just want to feel as though your government could be on your side, instead of putting a target on your back, you must vote.

Despite the grim headlines of late, the reality is that Americans who believe in fairness and dignity for all outnumber those that don’t.

Now, more than ever, we need every one of us who believes in justice to make our voices heard on election day.