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Continue the Fight. Are You In?

Granite Staters have always taken freedom seriously, including the freedoms of LGBTQ people.  That includes living free from discrimination based upon who you are, and who you love.

And as New England’s leading LGBTQ legal rights organization, GLAD has been fighting for equality in New Hampshire since the very beginning.

We’ve achieved groundbreaking victories together: from marriage equality in 2009 to this year’s historic passage of transgender nondiscrimination protections.

We’ve changed New Hampshire’s family laws to include our families and strengthened school bullying laws and banned conversion therapy to protect our youth. We’ve created new policies to ensure that transgender people can have the security of knowing that their driver’s licenses accurately reflect who they are, and we’ve removed exclusions in our state’s Medicaid program that discriminated against transgender healthcare.

But our work isn’t done. Especially as opponents of equality threatened to move us backwards at the federal level, Granite Staters have a responsibility to continue to move progress forward. That includes:

  • Ensuring insurance coverage for transition-related health care
  • Protecting LGBTQ students in schools
  • Modernizing the standard for changing one’s gender on birth certificates
  • Ensuring LGBTQ older adults can age with dignity and respect
  • Updating our parentage laws to reflect fully the diversity of our families

Together, let’s pledge to work toward a future where being LGBTQ is both celebrated as part of the beautiful diversity of our society, and never a barrier to our life opportunities and outcomes.

Join us in this fight for justice.

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