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New England Public Policy Advocates

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The New England Public Policy Advocates is made up of advocacy organizations from all six New England states, working together to learn about current LGBTQ+ legislative advocacy, share lessons learned and resources, and strengthen relationships across the region.

At each convening, members gain:

  • A greater understanding of LGBTQ legislative activity in New England
  • A shared understanding of best practices and resources for relevant issue areas
  • Stronger relationships with other advocates doing LGBTQ legislative work in New England

To learn more or to add your organization to the growing list of New England Public Policy Advocates members, please contact GLAD’s Community Engagement Manager Qwin Mbabazi at

Recent NE Legislative Achievements:



  • An Act To Prohibit the Provision of Conversion Therapy to Minors by Certain Licensed Professionals (2019 Maine Acts 755)
  • An Act To Improve Access to HIV Prevention Medications (LD 1115)
  • An Act To Ensure the Safety of Children Experiencing Homelessness by Extending Shelter Placement Periods (LD 81)
  • An Act To Provide the Right to Counsel for Juveniles and Improve Due Process for Juveniles (LD 320)
  • An Act to Update the Maine Parentage Act (LD 222)
  • An Act Concerning Name Changes for Minors (LD 209)
  • An Act To Protect the Rights of Certain Incarcerated Individuals (LD 1044)


New Hampshire:


Rhode Island:

Pending NE Bills:


  • An Act to ensure LGBTQ representation within the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination (S. 2068)
  • Massachusetts Parentage Act (Bill S.77)
  • Confirmatory Adoption Act (S 1124, H 1712)
  • An Act Enabling Pharmacists to Prescribe, Dispense, and Administer PrEP (S 1407)
  • An Act Establishing the Massachusetts Foster Care Review Office (S 88, H 211)
  • An Act Relative to Gender Identity on Massachusetts Identification (S 2282, H 3521)
  • An Act Providing for a Gender Neutral Designation on State Documents and Identifications (H 3126)
  • An Act to Promote Rehabilitation Including Guaranteed Health, Treatment, and Safety for Incarcerated LGBTQI+ People (RIGHTS Act) (S 1566, H 2484)
  • An Act Improving Juvenile Justice Data Collection (S 1558, H 1795)
  • An Act to Stop Profiling Transgender People and Low-Income Women (S 992. H 1800)
  • An Act Relative to HIV Prevention Access for Young Adults (H 2349, S 1404)


Rhode Island:

  • Physical Sex Characteristics Surgery Act (SB 593)
  • An act relating to education – Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights (HB 5354)
  • An act relating to state affairs and government – Housing Resources – Homeless Shelters (HB 5804)