GLAD Applauds Passage of Bill Protecting Access to Abortion Care and Lifesaving Healthcare for Transgender People and Urges Governor Baker to Swiftly Sign

Massachusetts legislators today gave final approval to a bill that provides critical protections for access to abortion care and essential healthcare for transgender people in the Commonwealth. The bill now awaits Governor Baker’s signature.

Building on decisive action in both the House and Senate following the U.S. Supreme Court Dobbs ruling overturning Roe v. Wade, the final bill passed today protects providers and patients of abortion care and established, evidence-based health care for transgender people from malicious out-of-state legal action.

With abortion bans being reactivated in multiple states, and with at least four states to date passing bills criminalizing parents and doctors for providing established, best-practice medical care for transgender youth, this bill makes clear that such care is a protected right in Massachusetts and provides safeguards for providers as well as patients who seek care in the state.

GLAD partnered with the Beyond Roe Coalition as well as the Massachusetts Medical Society, the Office of the Attorney General, and legislative leaders in the work to find paths to protect providers and strengthen access to gender-affirming care and abortion care in Massachusetts.

“In the wake of growing attacks across the country on access to both abortion and lifesaving healthcare for transgender people, we thank the Massachusetts legislature today for passing an important measure that will provide critical protections for providers and patients,” said Polly Crozier, GLAD Senior Staff Attorney. “Massachusetts is a leader in providing established, life-saving medical care for transgender young people. Parents from across the region and the country bring their children here for individualized, evidence-based, interdisciplinary care. While state legislatures are passing unprincipled laws restricting the ability of parents to care for their children and putting transgender young people in harm’s way, Massachusetts legislators have recognized the need to protect access to medical care for transgender people. We hope that Governor Baker will quickly sign this important  legislation into law to secure the state’s role as a leader in providing access to essential healthcare, including access to abortion and gender-affirming care.”