The Transgender ID Project is a free resource for transgender people living in New England who want to update their legal name and gender marker on state and federal documents.

Updating your Massachusetts state ID documents

In most cases you do not need to work with a lawyer to update your name or gender marker on ID documents and can typically update these documents fairly easily on your own. The Massachusetts Quick Reference Guide has the information and materials you need to get started. Click here for the guide.

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Updating your federal ID documents

You can skip directly to our federal resources here:

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Additional Resources

  • MTPC’s Identity Document Assistance Network: Support and financial assistance for transgender, non-binary, and gender expansive New Englanders to update their name and/or gender marker on state or federal IDs.
  • Gender Affirming Identification Project (GAIP): For adults (18+) who were born in and currently live in Massachusetts seeking administrative and legal assistance with gender affirming changes to federal and state legal ID documentation.
  • Identity Affirmation Project: Assistance for transgender, non-binary, and gender nonconforming adults (18+) in the name change or gender marker change processes in Massachusetts.
  • Gender Identity Validation Services, Inc. (GIVS): Legal referrals for people living in Western Massachusetts who would like support in the name or gender marker change process.
  • ID Documents Center: The National Center for Transgender Equality’s resources hub for name and gender marker change information.
  • Changing Your Identity Documents: Resource from the Massachusetts Transgender Political Coalition on updating your ID documents.
  • GLAD Answers: GLAD’s free and confidential legal Infoline can provide you with legal resources, information, assistance, and referrals.

Still have questions?

If you run into trouble or have questions, fill out the Transgender ID Project support form or contact GLAD Answers.