On April 28, 2015 GLAD’s Civil Rights Project Director Mary Bonauto argued on behalf of marriage equality at the Supreme Court.

Two months later, on June 26, the Supreme Court ruled that yes, same-sex couples are guaranteed the freedom to marry and the right to recognition of their marriages.

On the afternoon of that historic day, GLAD held a community call open to all. GLAD’s Executive Director Janson Wu, who was in the Supreme Court in Washington, DC as the decision was read, and GLAD’s Legal Director, who has been working with GLAD and on LGBTQ-rights issues for over 35 years, hosted the call. Callers heard what it was like in the courtroom as the decision was read and what happened moments later outside on the courthouse steps. They also heard a detailed analysis of the majority opinion and of the dissents.

Now you can listen to that exciting and informative call right here: