Who’s already involved with GLAD Forward? Why are they showing up for LGBTQ justice? And why can’t we stop fawning over them? All good questions. Here are the answers:


Ashley Banfield

Ashley (left) is a trader at Fidelity, so she knows a good investment when she sees one. To her, today’s battles for queer equality aren’t just about individual rights. They’re about creating steppingstones to a truly just future for everyone. It’s why she’s one of the creators of GLAD Forward and wants more budding leaders to support GLAD’s work.


Mario Nimock

If Mario looks familiar to you, it’s probably because he’s pretty much a social Renaissance man. He’s a lawyer at Coughlin Betke, plays in the FLAG Flag Football League, is a leader in the Massachusetts LGBTQ Bar Association, and loves to party for a cause. He also speaks Swedish. Which we just think is cool.


Jennie Beaudoin

By day, Jennie is the Director of Forensic Services at PricewaterhouseCoopers. By night, she is the Director of Coming Up with the Next Fun GLAD Forward Event Idea. She’s seriously committed to investing in the leadership potential of other young adults and would love to meet other people who want to get involved. So definitely look for her at your next GLAD event.


Questions? Want to meet up to talk about your event ideas? Contact Mads Ouellette at mouellette@glad.org.

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