Parenting, Assisted Reproduction and Marriage Rights for LGBT People in New Hampshire

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Co-sponsored by the American Academy of Assisted Reproductive Technology Attorneys. 

Designed for parents, intended parents, and spouses, as well as attorneys and others who work with clients, this webinar presents important information about surrogacy and access to other assisted reproduction, legal parentage, adoption and full marriage recognition.

Presented by:
GLAD Executive Director Janson Wu
NH Reproductive and Family Law Attorney Catherine Tucker

This Presentation Covers:

Surrogacy Laws and Assisted Reproduction

  • What to know about use of assisted reproduction in New Hampshire, including donor insemination and surrogacy
  • Who can become an intended parent in New Hampshire?
  • Legal protection for all parties in a gestational carrier arrangement
  • Standards for the minimum requirements of gestational carrier agreements and recognition of such agreements as valid and enforceable
  • And more

Adoption, Legal Parentage and Presumed Parentage

  • Stepparent or joint adoption process for married couples
  • What the expanded ability of same-sex couples to have recognized parental status without an adoption means and when to exercise caution
  • The marital presumption of parentage
  • Other possible avenues to legal or presumed parentage, including consent to performance of assisted reproduction and the “holding out” presumption
  • And more

Corrections to New Hampshire’s Marriage Equality Law

  • Anyone who married in New Hampshire has a valid marriage regardless of where they resided at the time
  • The length of the marriage is determined by the date the couple married
  • If a couple has a civil union, that same couple can marry without dissolving the civil union
  • All of New Hampshire’s family, marriage, and divorce laws apply equally to same-sex couples


Beyond the basics…

  • Want to find out how a second parent or step-parent adoption can protect your parental rights?
  • Want to find an attorney who can assist you in preparing documents to protect your family?
  • Want more information about getting married in New Hampshire?
  • Want information about gestational carrier agreements?

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