As you review your estate planning needs, you can leave a lasting legacy by making a bequest to GLAD through your will, through a charitable gift annuity, by establishing a charitable remainder trust or simply designating GLAD as the beneficiary of your IRA or life insurance policy.

If you’d like to join GLAD’s Legacy Society, or have already made arrangements, please fill out this form to let us know about your plans.

Hear from these Legacy Society members on why they’ve committed to leave their legacy to GLAD and ensure a future a bright future LGBTQ+ people everywhere:

Put GLAD in Your Will

You can provide for GLAD in your will, in a trust funded at the time of your death, or by naming GLAD as the beneficiary of your IRA or life insurance policy. Doing so may reduce the tax owed on your estate. You may:

  • Designate a specific dollar amount
  • Designate a percentage of your estate
  • Designate your residuary estate remaining after all specific bequests
  • Bequeath through a charitable remainder trust
  • Bequeath through a charitable lead trust

Using Annuities & Trusts to Benefit GLAD

Charitable Remainder Trust
A charitable remainder trust allows you to transfer assets, which will be managed by a trustee, and from those assets to provide periodic payments of income to you or some other beneficiary of your choice.
Minimum gift: $50,000

Charitable Lead Trust
Charitable lead trusts are the “reverse” of the charitable remainder trusts and may be particularly desirable in large estates to provide estate tax savings and benefit your heirs after providing payments to GLAD for a specified term of years.
Minimum gift: $50,000

Charitable Gift Annuity
You can make a contribution to GLAD and provide a fixed annual income for life for yourself or someone else whom you designate. The rate you receive is based on your age, currently ranging from 5.9% for age 55 to 11% for age 90 and older.
Minimum gift: $25,000

If you would like to talk about planned giving or for sample bequest language, please contact Carole Allen-Scannell at or 617.778.6964.

Pride In Our Legacy: Planning for a Future of Justice

Watch GLAD’s virtual panel discussion about the benefits of and best ways to make a planned gift in today’s environment. Moderated by GLAD’s Director of Development Carole Allen-Scannell. Featuring:

  • Annika Bockius-Suwyn, DangerLaw, LLC
  • Lisa Cukier, Burns & Levinson
  • Matthew Gibson, John Hancock

Learn more about the panelists.

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