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Justice for All: First Steps

Below are some of the first steps we are taking to implement GLAD’s bold new strategic agenda to deepen our national leadership and impact, expand our legal capacity, and sustain an antiracist and intergenerational movement for the long term.

Expanding our National Leadership to Protect LGBTQ+ Families

Far-right attacks on LGBTQ+ families and efforts to undermine individual rights that impact family decision-making are on the rise. We also know that across the nation, outdated parentage laws don’t reflect or include our families.

To meet these challenges, GLAD attorney and parentage law expert Polly Crozier is expanding her national role as GLAD’s new Director of Family Advocacy.

GLAD’s leadership will ensure LGBTQ+ families are recognized and legally protected across the country, no matter how they are formed.

Ramping up our legal resources to defend against any challenge to Obergefell

GLAD led the movement to ensure the freedom to marry, from the earliest state court victories in Vermont, Massachusetts, and Connecticut to the landmark 2015 Supreme Court Obergefell ruling.

We will defend those victories and the right to marry if and whom we choose with everything we have – and we will win.

GLAD is hiring a legal fellow position to support the work to defend Obergefell and other fundamental rights.

Expanding our legal capacity to meet today’s challenges and sustain GLAD’s work for decades to come

Attacks on our LGBTQ+ community, particularly transgender and queer young people, are escalating across the country. We are in an all-hands-on-deck battle alongside our movement partners and collaborators. GLAD is expanding our team of LGBTQ+ rights attorneys and legal staff to bring more experience, expertise, and capacity wherever needed.

We are adding two additional positions to GLAD’s legal team: Attorney and Legal Research and Operations Manager.

Whether in New Hampshire, Alabama, Virginia, or elsewhere, we must be ready with the staff and resources to fight back and protect our community. That requires building our bench of legal leaders, expanding the breadth and interconnectedness of our work, and embracing a holistic approach to legal advocacy across litigation, policy and legislation.

Protecting our democracy, supporting voting rights, and fighting for a multiracial and pluralistic democratic future

Our work to defend and advance LGBTQ+ rights is indelibly connected to the healthy functioning of our democracy and every struggle for liberation – for gender equality; reproductive equity; racial, economic, immigrant, and disability justice; true freedom of religion.

GLAD has joined with our LGBTQ+ litigation partners to call for Supreme Court reform and Congressional action to fully restore and protect voting rights.

We will continue to join with allied movements to protect our multiracial, pluralistic democracy, support voting rights, and fight for justice for all.

Sustaining a robust, intergenerational, and anti-racist organization and movement

Our movement includes four generations – and counting – of LGBTQ+ trailblazers. We are strongest when we embrace the experience brought by those who have been in the fight for decades and seek out and honor new and diverse perspectives.

We must also center those who have historically been excluded – Black, Indigenous, and other communities of color – and work in collaboration with other social justice movements.

Qwin Mbabazi has taken on an expanded leadership role as Senior Manager of Internal Culture and Community Partnerships, to coordinate across GLAD’s work to ensure inclusion, equity and belonging in our workplace and in our community.

Finally, we are investing in the staff, interns, and volunteers who make up GLAD, building an inclusive, healthy, and effective hybrid work environment, and imagining new ways of working together.

We are committed to addressing the needs of today and ensuring GLAD is a collaborative, inclusive, equitable and successful organization for decades to come.