Because testing, consent and privacy laws vary greatly by state, you should check out our information for your state for the most accurate information.


  • Federal law protects you from discrimination based on your HIV status in many settings, including work and school.
  • This means, for example, you cannot be barred from participation in school events, including sports, due to fears about transmission of HIV.

Access to Health Care

Healthcare providers cannot refuse to treat you because of your HIV status.

Testing and Privacy

  • You have a right to decide whether to be tested for HIV, and to know your status.
  • In all six New England states, you have the right to be tested for HIV without obtaining your parent’s permission.
  • Every New England state has a law governing what kind of consent you need to give for an HIV test.
  • Every New England state has a law governing if, when and with what required authorization a medical provider may disclose your HIV status.