GSAs and LGBTQ+ clubs can make middle school and high school better for all students.

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If you attend a public school or a school that receives any federal funding – which includes many private schools – and if your school allows any non-curricular clubs (a club not associated with a subject taught at your school), you have the right to start a Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) or other LGBTQ+ club.

Your school cannot prohibit your club just because they fear it may be disruptive

Thanks to a law called the Federal Equal Access Act, your school must allow you to form a club with the same rights, privileges and access as any other non-curricular club.

Your school cannot impose rules on your club that aren’t imposed on any other club

For instance, your school cannot force you to have a faculty advisor or permission slips if no other club is required to have one

Your school cannot force you to change the name of your club

GSAs/LGBTQ clubs are allowed to choose their own names, and shouldn’t be forced into euphemisms like “The Diversity Club.”

  • Diversity Club
  • Tolerance Club
  • Gay-Straight Alliance ✔
  • Queer Club ✔

Your school must allow your club access to the same facilities as any other club, like:

  • Announcements on the PA
  • Information in the school newspaper
  • Posting flyers on bulletin boards