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GLAD’s Justice for All Campaign

We are at a fork in the road. The seismic shift of the Supreme Court to the right has created an environment of extreme uncertainty, and none of our rights seem safe.

We find ourselves in an existential struggle between two different world views vying to shape our future: One in which democracy and the rule of law serve only a few; and one where the law is a bulwark protecting all our human rights and self-determination, and where respect and dignity are extended to all of us.

It is no surprise that some are left questioning whether the courts and legislatures – the arenas of many of our greatest victories – can still serve the interests of the LGBTQ+ community. We believe they can and, more importantly, they must.

GLAD is not shying away from the challenges before us.

Our new strategy embraces our power as a legal organization committed to bettering our lives through changing our laws. And it makes a bold, new pledge – to ensure that when it comes to LGBTQ+ rights, the law still matters for the better, and justice truly is for all.

The Justice for All Campaign is projected to raise between 1.35 – 1.85 million dollars of new and additional support.

GLAD’s Justice for All campaign strengthen GLAD’s position as a leader in the movement, in New England and nationally. Through the funds raised, we will:

  • Deepen GLAD’s national impact through collaborations and partnerships, and defend our community wherever we are attacked.
  • Grow our legal leadership so we can deploy the expertise we’ve gained through nearly half a century of advancing LGBTQ rights and send our best to wherever they are needed most.
  • Strengthen GLAD’s leadership in sustaining an intergenerational, and antiracist movement for the long haul.
  • Sustain GLAD’s effectiveness for decades to come by:
    • Increasing investments in our talent to improve GLAD’s position as a top workplace destination for current and prospective staff.
    • Building GLAD’s workplace of the future to embrace the best of hybrid work.
    • Ensuring GLAD is an inclusive and equitable place for staff, volunteers, and guests.

For 45 years, GLAD has won landmark victories to promote justice and secure essential rights.

  • We secured protections under the Americans with Disabilities Act to people living with HIV.
  • We won marriage equality for same-sex couples — first in Massachusetts and finally before the U.S. Supreme Court.
  • We halted Trump’s ban on transgender military service members.

In cases all over the country, our allies seek the advice and guidance of GLAD’s seasoned, pioneering legal team, to build upon our groundbreaking victories nationwide.

We are both advocates and defenders of LGBTQ+ rights. Even as we strive toward new milestones, we are ready to stand guard and protect the gains we’ve already made.

As a leader in the LGBTQ+ rights movement in this nation, our progress depends on you. Your support for Justice for All is not simply a donation to our organization; it’s an investment in our pursuit of an America we all want to live in.

To contribute and learn more, please contact or 617-778-6964.

Learn more about GLAD’s vision for the future.