GLAD joins civil rights and LGBT organizations across the country in supporting the thousands of young people and their families who have relied on the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program to live in and contribute to their communities, and in demanding that Congress pass a clean Dream Act by the end of this month. The Dream Act would protect the futures of an estimated 800,000 people, including 36,000 LGBT people.

For some, the end of DACA and the threat of deportation literally is a matter of life and death. One-third of the countries across the globe still criminalize being LGBT; in some countries, it is punishable by death. Breaking the promise secured by DACA, that LGBT young people would be able to live openly and safely in the U.S., would be cruel and inhumane. We cannot allow the Trump Administration to continue targeting the most vulnerable among us and putting people’s lives in danger in exchange for political points to an ever-shrinking base.

We know that immigration is a bedrock principle of our country, and that our social fabric is made stronger by it. It is up to Congress to do the right thing and pass a clean Dream Act. The health of our nation depends on it.

For more information on the Dream Act and ways to get involved, visit:

Untied We Dream

National Immigration Law Center